Riot Games presented the past January 3 in the official blog of League of Legends the architecture that will take the new system anti-cheat for League of Legends. The developer explains how it will directly affect on LoL and upcoming projects that will include the new system to improve the user experience and quality of life of the game.

The new strategy of Riot Games will be based on the use of “Kernel Drive”, in the case of a computer program able to be inserted into the kernel of an operating system and have full control over the system. In this sense, the Kernel Drive should not be interpreted as an “invasion” of the computer, but it is a measure of security for higher-level software.

Via: Riot Games

Riot explains how the developers of programs to be cheating, taking advantage of the vulnerability of the system. Well, simply put, these developers have found the way of corrupting the signature verification of Windows in order to run your applications from the core of the system.

In addition, Riot adds the following with regard to the behavior of such programs: “The problem here arises from the fact that the code that runs in kernel mode and can engage the same system calls that confiaríamos to retrieve our data. Modifying the results to make them seem legitimate in a way that we might have difficulties to detect”.

Added to this, the developers understood that the “player cheats” make use of a special hardware that can read and process the memory of the system while it performs traps. So, for the system of detection Will of Legends is invisible in this kind of actions.

Graphic levels of privileges of a Kernel

Via: Riot Games

Actions of Riot Games

The way in which the developer will counteract the abuse of the current system will be with a kernel driver that allows to limit and secure the system. As well, players will have a healthy environment, and lightweight for the regular season of the League, and the upcoming game “Project”.

Some examples of systems anti-cheats that use the same maneuver “kener drive” are: EasyAntiCheat, Xigncode 3 and Battleye, ensuring a healthy environment for those who use it. In addition, the data will not be disturbed and outraged by those users who have negative intentions on them.