League of Legends (also known as LoL) is one of video games most recognized in the world and since its launch in 2009, has been one of those titles beloved by professional players.

However, the study creator of the popular game, Riot Games, has had to innovate in recent years, especially after the arrival striking of opponents as Fortnite, the popular game from the studio Epic Games.

In the framework of the EVO 2019 (Evolution Championship Series), the competition of video games biggest fight in the world, which takes place in Las Vegas, USA. UU., Tom Cannon, co-founder of the event and former president of the Radiant (a studio acquired by Riot in 2016), revealed that the study of LoL works in a fighting game.

Radiant was behind the title combat Rising Thunder, but as collected in the past, some specialized media, the game was cancelled after the acquisition process.

According to said Cannon in an interview broadcast by Twitter, after almost three years of hiatus, revelaró “perhaps the worst kept secret of the universe”, the confirmation of the development of a fighting game with a Riot.

The study, as collected by the portal Hobby Consoles, assured that they will try to create a game that complies with the requirements of the community of fighting games, “but it is still very early to give more details”.

Given that the announcement was only a abrebocas, there are no known details, such as name, date of launch or if it will include the characters of LoL at the new title.