The consequences of the crisis of the coronavirus are devastating in all sectors and for all industries, that is clear. However, within the video game industry, there is a sector that has come out clearly harmed. And is the of the eSportsand , like the great events and major exhibitions, are usually held in public spaces.

Hence, during these last months, we have seen as they cancelled competitions as important as, for example, the Pokémon World Championships 2020. Now, it has been Riot Games (the parents of League of Legends, or the next Valorant) which has announced a series of measures with regard to their competitions. To begin with, has been canceled by the MSI. For its part, the Worlds 2020 will also receive a number of changes, although it will not be cancelled.

In this way, as has been confirmed through a press release, the first international competition of the year will not be held on to not being able to guarantee the security of players, teams, employees, partners, media and fans. In addition, the distribution of classified regional to the World Championship 2020 has changed; now the LEC will send four representatives.

In summary, despite the efforts to achieve a model of competitions online and try to go ahead with the MSI, the information of analysts of external risks that working with Riot Games has recommended that it not be held. Decision has been taken also by taking into account the health authorities, local governments, teams and regional leagues, travel experts and other interested parties.

Therefore, the 12 regional leagues will be able to return to their original programming in the split of summer, without the interruption that was a global event several weeks in July. In addition, the teams may focus their efforts on earning a spot for the World Championship of League of Legends 2020. Anyway Riot has promised to continue looking for alternatives that can communicate in the next few weeks.

On the other hand, taking into account the absence of the MSI and the fusion of the LMS and of the LST during this year, Riot is going to implement various changes in the number of computers that will send each region to a World Championship. That way, both in the LPL (China) as well as in the LEC (Europe) will qualify four teams to the World Championship, since they are, currently, the two first positions of the classification on the basis of their performance in international competitions during the past two years.

Finally, it has been reported that the VCS (viet nam) be able to send to another classified event, since, leagues that only send a classified to the World Championship, is the league with a better performance in the international competitions. That will be the distribution:

  • LPL (China), CEL (Europe): 4 teams each.
  • LCK (Korea), LCS (north America): 3 teams each.
  • PCS (Southeast asia), VCS (Vietnam): 2 teams each.
  • CBLOL (Brazil), TCL (Turkey), LJL (Japan), LLA (Latin america), OPL (Oceania), LCL (Community of Independent States): 1 team each.