The development team gameplay Riot Games do not stop your march, and then confirm the changes that will come to the client League of Legends in patch 10.3 -which will be launched next Wednesday, February 5-, already beginning to think about the next game adjustments.

In the update that will arrive to the game was a balance to the jungle, to give an opportunity to the Champions that prefer the Power Farming, because they were something back for the time being. And the next focus will be on the top rail, as in the matchmaking it is one of the positions with more varied in popularity, depending on the region and level of the players.

Matchmaking EUW Season 10.

Responsible for detailing the situation of the toplane it was Riot Meddler, Design Director of League of Legends, who said the following: “our belief in the pre-season was that elo high and pro play the toplane there was not enough impact for the outcome of the games, since they have an advantage there did not determine the chances of victory of the team. So we seek to give greater impact, with greater experience, for single-lane and double-a Herald of the Crack“, explained.

These changes have been a time in game and have not had much impact, so we will seek another way to give more influence to the toplane and we have some potential changes to share, which will be presented soon but will not be released in the next patch”, commented Meddler prior to touching the subject of the Spell Summoner main players of the top rail: Teleportation.

Teleportation has been one of the spells most problematic of the game, where it went from have a great impact, and be seen up to three or four per team, to be virtually useless and that its greatest use is in order not to lose a wave after backear.

I hope that adjustments to the Teleportation to be one of the options that we see next week. I can not guarantee anything about what we do, because we don’t know yet”, he explained Riot Meddler. “Yes, improvements direct Teleportation will be problematic almost for sure, so we want to do something more focused on the TP for the toplaners specifically. A hypothetical example of how we could make them it would be with the objects of Life/Armor or something more, focused on tanks, or fighters, that generate a reduction of cooling to the Teleportation. This might make objects more attractive for some champions without allowing the Teleportation to be more accessible to all characters”, closed.

We will see what will be effectively the changes that we see on the Spell of Invoker to the top rail vuelvaa shine like in seasons previous.

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