The great change that League of Legends received at the start of the Season 10 was the incorporation of the Cracks Elementary, where the third dragon to appear in the game is the one that determines the theme of the Crack, which is modified depending on if the dragon is of Fire, Water, Wind, or Mountain.


From the settings of the first patches, they have not been playing the Cracks Elementaryand that will change in version 10.12 of League of Legends (we are currently on 10.10), as Riot Scruffy, the Leader of the Team of Gameplay, revealed to us the changes that you have planned.

Only two Cracks Elementary will receive upgrades to give a little more importance and relevance tactics in the game. This is the Crack of the Winds, and the Crack Infernal. The first of these will feature the following improvements:

Appear Outbreaks Seer’s additional in the jungle
The areas of speed of the clouds now have a greater effect for champions outside of combat.

For its part, in the Crack Infernal appear Cones Explosive additional in the jungle and the windings of the lane, top and bottom, which were also added to League of Legends in the update of the Crack at the start of Season 10.


However, they are not the only improvements that have designed Riot Games for the patch to 10.12, but also will seek to play the Runes in the update of half of the season. Specifically, the Runas key Guardian and Predatornext to some Runes under.

The Rune of the Guardian you will receive a greater range of activation, in order to better protect the allies, also updated the damage you must receive to avoid that activates with a blow lower, and that on cooling after a basic attack. While the Rune of the Predator sacrifice some damage for the possibility of a more rapid activation and simple, and less cooling, so that it is a viable option out of the jungle.

Between the Runes under the Rune of Unbreakable you will receive a higher percentage of tenacity to have little life, while the Rune of Approach speed you will not have interaction with allies, but you have greater movement speed to enemies that you have applied the effect of crowd-control, with regard to those that were controlled by the allies.


Finally, another surprise arrives with the announcement of changes to the Spell Summoner Ghost, which still does not have a specific change to be revealed, but Riot understands that is well behind other spells of its function, and will surely be modified.

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