Has begun, the time of Riot to present your brand and new rework for Volibear arrived and since the company want to do it for everything high. The demigod of the Fréljord will finally receive their necessary and well-deserved redesign and comprehensive review of skills, as had been anticipated on several occasions.

Everything indicates that the rework is already completed and that is why from the official accounts of League of Legends has presented a short video of 10 seconds that serves as an excuse to announce that this Friday night will be a great presentation to welcome him.

The rework of Volibear will be presented at a live event, you will be able to follow the YouTube channels of League of Legends this Friday, may 8, at night, in some places already entered the Saturday in the following schedule in the respective countries:

Mexico/Colombia/Peru/Panama/Ecuador: Friday, may 8 at 22:00 pm
Chile/Bolivia/Venezuela: Friday, may 8 at 23:00 pm
Argentina/Paraguay/Uruguay: Saturday, may 9, at 00:00
United States: Friday, may 8 at 23:00 pm (Area ET) / Friday, may 8 at 20:00 pm (area PST)
Spain: Saturday, may 9 at 05:00 pm

We will see then what is it that we have prepared Riot to Volibear, although we already know that those with the champion now, or purchase prior to the release of his rework, will receive the aspect Volibear Thousand Scars as a gift.

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