When in League of Legends there is a rework a character can spend a number of things, and just as you feel identified with any of them.

For example, if you are main the character you can love or you can hate what you have done to your beloved champion, and you have to get used to the rework.

On the other hand, there will be people who have not played in the life with that champion and, after the rework, are lovers of your gameplay, appearance or skills.

Be that as it may, and whether you like it or not Volibearyour rework it will be made public on the 9th of may, namely, in the early morning of Friday 8. The set time are the 5 of the morning Spanish time.

New skills and video

Riot Games showed all the details of the new Volibear in a video that we leave you below, including the new abilities of the ‘Storm relentless’.

New splash art of Volibear

Volibear will keep the essence of that champion robust and surrounded by lightning and electricity, although it seems that you have a lot more utility. These are their new skills:

  • Passive: When it attacks, Volibear hits you with electricity to nearby enemies.
  • Q: Volibear runs 4 feet and stuns the first target that comes with the race.
  • W: Volibear apply effects of impact with your W, and it is assumed that it will be as the W old, with 3 charges can take a bite out of the enemy.
  • E: Volibear summons a lightning storm in the target, which explodes a few seconds and deals magic damage.
  • R: Volibear pounces on a location and get size and changes a bit of shape, so it will do more damage, attack faster or similar.

When we have official information from numbers, statistics, and others, we’ll update this news to expand the details of the new Volibear.