Riot Games announced moments ago the new aspects which will be launched in League of Legends in the update 10.12 of the game, in which both Senna as Irelia you will receive new skins, which are already available in the customer testing.

From their social networks, the team of League of Legends allowed us to have a first glimpse of the two new skins that will be added to the line-of-aspects “Outlaws“. Exact, Irelia Forajida and Senna Forajida will be launched League of Legends in the next patch.

The preview presented to us in the social networks allow you to see both the design of the new skins, as the effect of the different skills of both champions.

These two aspects will be coming in the update of half of season of League of Legends, where they expect several other aspects that still were not revealed, but that will surely be presented and added to the PBE in the next few days.

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