Long ago the developers of League of Legends reported on changes that would arrive to give more influence to the handles of the bottom lane in the game, which are presently far behind that of other roles, such and as many Summoners have claimed.

On this occasionRiot Scruffy, the leader of the team gameplay of League of Legendswas in charge of revealing some of the changes that are being planned for them, and that it will seek to give again a relevance that had been missed for a good time.

“We believe that the core of the discomfort that they have the players in the bottom lane is not the lack of damage, but the capacity of survival and self-sufficiency. We expect that a mixture of basic life and movement speed to give them the little push they need to survive better to the bursts of damage and to dodge the spell incoming“, he explained Riot Scruffy, before presenting the following changes, not the end, that were tested:

Basic life: +30 (for the marksmen in the bottom lane)
Life per level: +2
VM Fervor: 5% >>> 7%
VM Dancer Spectral: 5% >>> 7%
VM Cannon Rapid Fire: 5% >>> 7%
VM Daga de Statikk: 5% >>> 7%
VM Hurricane: 7% >>> 9%

In a comment on his personal Twitter account, Scruffy assured that these changes would be valid for all handles that are used on the top rail, with the exception of Lucian, Kalista, and Vayne, although you could enter Tristana in this list, and, of course, handles as Serious, Quinn, or Kindred, that do not focus on the bottom lane.

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