The chat LoL has the reputation of being quite toxic. In general, a part of the community tend to have a short fuse at the time to assume that their peers make mistakes too, which results in insults and disrespect. Joseju has conducted an experiment wonderful in League of Legends: responding to trolls using Cleverbot. And the result has been… well, it has been.

Joseju put to the test to Cleverbot in chat of League of Legends

For those who do not know, Cleverbot is an application that collects data from conversations artificial that keeps users from all over the world. It stores these conversations to try to respond with something of meaning in future conversations with other users.

On paper it sounds good, but in reality it is quite random. Joseju has taken a sample with 900 players, (100 games in total) who have been 883 players valid. As a clarification, some players may be in more than one category.

A total of 134 players have responded with insults of a single word. 206 have decided to take the path of negativity, to participate in the chat only to detract from their peers, and 136 have not been involved in the most absolute.

185 players have been helpful, while 286 they are in a grey area, the player Schrödinger: are edges and kind at the same time.

graphic cleverbot players league of legends

Source: Joseju (YouTube)

Beyond the humor, it is interesting to see how in a sample of 100 games, Joseju has been found with almost as many people maja as a negative (keep in mind that the first two categories overlap).

In any way, and if you liked the video, I HIGHLY recommend that you I suscribáis to the YouTube channel of Josejuthat has authentic gems. You can also take a look at his channel on Twitch.