Resident Evil Village won’t be out until next year, but fans already have a lot of theories about the game and what will happen to its characters. One character that has been the subject of much discussion is Chris Redfield, who appears to be taking on an almost antagonistic role in the new game. And now a new official Village image could hint at a rather shocking transformation for a fan-favorite character.

As pointed out by AestheticGamer and others online, a new image of Resident Evil Village has appeared on Steam. The image is similar to a previously released key art, with Chris Redfield looking down on a dimly lit village. However, the difference is that in this image, half of Chris Redfield’s face resembles a wolf. This could very well be an indication that the Resident Evil Village werewolf, or at least one of them, is actually Chris.

Another possibility is that the image is only meant to show that both Chris Redfield and the werewolves will be part of the Resident Evil Village experience, and it doesn’t necessarily indicate that the character will transform into one of the beasts. However, with the image being used as Village’s official promotional material, we may expect clarification from Capcom shortly

According to the latest rumors, Resident Evil Village will arrive in April 2021, with the release that will be preceded by a demo.

Resident Evil Village will launch in 2021 on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X / S.

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