Resident Evil 2 Mr. Raccoon Toys are the brand new collectible on the film. Every Resident Evil sport has some sort of collectible for avid gamers to decide on, and for the film we now have Mr. Raccoon.

We’re not likely”accumulating” these toys as-per-say however moderately to register them as”received” we have to take them down. You can use your Combat Knife to interrupt them at any time when they’re shut by. Some are within the distance or actually up so capturing down them is one of the best resolution.

#3. Mr. Raccoon Toy Location
Situated in nook of Firing Range, which is from the Parking Garage part.

#4. Mr. Raccoon Toy Location
Near the bunk beds within the Break Room on the first Floor of the Police Station. Do notice that that is simply present in Leon A or Claire B. Also when you already obtained it in Leon A you don’t want to obtain it once more in Claire B and vice versa.

#5. Mr. Raccoon Toy Location