Image via Epic Games

After more than 900 days, the skin more rare Fortnite has become. Recon Expert reappeared in the shop.

Surprisingly, Recon Expert was added earlier today to the shop Fortnite, to a value of 1,200 turkeys, and even comes with a variant, which equips the look with a hat.

Screenshot via Epic Games

Recon Expert is sold for the first time in October 2017, just after the release of the battle royale mode of Fortnite. Has not appeared in the shop since November 11, 2017, just before Fortnite to explode in popularity and population of players.

Only the very first users of the game battle royale would have had this aspect before, which makes it one of the rarest in the game. Now, don’t be surprised to see dozens of Recon Experts in the back.

The avid gamers of Fortnite they are always in the search of aspects rare, often as a matter of pride. The skins as a Ghoul Trooper were very sought after due to its rarity up to that Epic re-add it to the store due to popular demand. It is a smart strategy to sell turkeys, and it works well.

The shop Fortnite will be updated tonight, so be sure to buy a Recon Expert before they leave the shop for another two and a half years.

This article was originally published in English by Scott Duwe on may 27, 2020.