Riot Games today unveiled the new banners of the arena to Summoner’s Rift will allow our leagues all over the world, starting this 2020 with the LCK, LPL, LEC, LCS and Worlds, customize the look of Summoner’s Rift for the spectators during the games official.

From the tournaments closing ceremony, the fans who see the emissions official esports League of Legends will appreciate the more brands that participate in the league of Riot Games, directly in the Crack. In the future, the company announced that the league will begin to experience unique approaches that integrate with a greater depth to the business partners and thus get both fans local as regional.

This is the first digital product that announces Riot Games before the season closure that is designed to create a visual experience that is most enriched around the esports. The main objective, is create an environment that radiates energy with that feature traditional sports, so it will work in the way of that goal.

The World Championship of League of Legends: Worlds 2019, the tournament was held in Europe, in the AccorHotels Paris Sand. PHOTOS: Special

In addition, Riot reported that the banners will be visible to those users who tune to the transmission lineto, but the professionals will still see the normal model of Summoner’s Rift while you play your games official. This will ensure that a new visual model, does not affect their ability to practice and compete in a Crack identical.

The standards arena of Summoner’s Rift, along with products like Proview and the quests for a tune, expand and enable you to build experiences that are integrated into the gameplay League of Legendswith the aim of offering players and spectators more ways to participate in this esport.