As usual, the Battle Royale of Epic Games is updated again this week to incorporate new developments. The patch 11.31 of Fortnite brings a new feature to the sea of interesting.

It is the mode Laboratory Battle. As you can see in the patch notesthis allows us to create our own game of Battle Royale customizing a multitude of parameters in normal game are immutable.

We can configure from the type of loot you find to the force of gravity. Of course, it is also possible to use our construction tools to build various battle scenarios. This is where gaining strength the grenades bots, which, as its name indicates, allows us to generate characters controlled by the AI to make it more interesting.

Yes, the mode Playground was very similar, but was more oriented to the creation and not so much to the game pure and hard. That is why it has been moved to the Creative mode. In the Laboratory of Battle, in exchange, we will even be able to bring our designs to a matchmaking publicalthough in that case you will play with the default rules (nothing serious crazy, for example).

If we want to play with all the possibilities that it allows, will have to be done in private. We can invite up to 15 friends for liarnos shots with all of these rules to nonsense. The rest you will have to cover the bots.

The past weekend was held the event Star Wars in Fortnitewith the star appearance of J. J. Abrams, the director of the new film. If you missed, here you have all what one could see.