More than 3,000 gamers enjoyed a game that is all the rage in the world. “This marks a before and an after in the world of gaming only to see the audience that participated in the transmission”, stressed Luis Perez of DEVANOA, who added: “to See family and friends encouraging with special messages in each transmission to the players was incredible.”

This Saturday, June 13, from 20: 30 will be played the grand final that will determine a winner. The competition will continue to be online for #FaceLive of #Canal4Jujuy and live streaming on the page

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Perez stressed that each Sunday’s competition marked a record audience. “The family jujeña is realizing that video games are a sport and can be enjoyed in the traditional way”, and stated: “The pandemic showed that it generated huge audiences and players increased in Jujuy”.

The first date was the 17 of may with 450 gamers on-line. So it is repeated several nights, to such an extent that it had to modify the initial schedule by the number of enrolled, and divide them into several groups. The event will be played in the mode solo. “This opened the doors to show that staying at home we can have fun, make friends and have a good time,” Perez said, and thanked The Four for the call and the players. “It took a big job”.

Competition in the Glass, the Four Fortnite

Competition in the Glass, the Four Fortnite

Competition in the Glass, the Four Fortnite

#Fortnite is a video game developed by the companies Epic Games and People Can Fly released in 2017. It is a game of zombies on the survivors controlled by human seek to maintain their fortresses safe from the attacks of waves of the undead, who are trying to conquer the earth. An attractive for the players.

“The world of e-sports do not have a roof,” said the visible face of DEVANOA and gave as an example to the skills of tennis, football and other sports were all the rage in full quarantine world. “It’s inclusive, and we all share”, he pointed out, on the proposal of The Four.

#Fortnite has become a global phenomenon. The key to success lies in the dynamism, simplicity and intensity, with rapid games, in addition to continuous clashes and usual in the midst of a system that allows players to be able to play together in the same game, even if they’re on different platforms or places.

The winner of the #CopaElCuatroFortnite will take two months of 100 megs free of The Four, plus a chair and a tablet for gamer. The second and third prize will receive a kit gamer that includes a keyboard, a headset, a mouse, and a microphone-headband.

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