The League Master Flow it is the most important competition of League of Legends in Argentina, and the edition 2020 has already started. The tournament was joined by organizations such as River Plate and New Indians GGex-NBA Fabricio Obertobut who has the veneer of a candidate is 9Z. The team of the streamer Francisco “Frankkaster“ Postiglione is the current champion and is reinforced with players of luxury to find the longed-for promotion to the League Of Latin Americathe maximum category.

The incorporation that the more noise made was that of the chilean Vincent “Rakyz” Trautmann. The Boy Wonder was one of the figures of the former Copa Latinoamérica Sur (the first division until 2018). Was runner-up on three occasions, and during the 2019 decided to give a break to his competitive career. Now he wants to return to the glory of the hand of 9Z.

– Why did you choose to 9Z?

I always told myself that if I had a computer that could play the argentine league was 9Z. I was always super sincere, and probably if you had the chance with another organization was not going to play. I think that I chose to come in by the fanbase that it has. It makes it very happy to the players. The support it has from people is amazing. That the end will come with drums and to encourage so the team is something I had never seen before. It is very eye-catching and makes you want to train, play and that people will yell at you. Has shown that is a team that is hungry to win at all. Is trying to give everything. They can obviously have their mistakes because they are new, but are very clear that they want to win.

– A few years ago you were the young promise and now you arrive with a lot of experience. Do you feel more responsibility?

– I take it naturally. In his time perhaps affected me that they had expectations on me. Had to prove and if I didn’t have a good game I was troubled psychologically. I think that like I did well. Although I did not win a cup, my history is not bad. I came second several times. Now I take it with responsibility and eager to prove to the people and to myself that I can go back to the ALL and to the level it had before.

9Z stumbled in its debut: fell to Isurus in the first day, and will seek to stand up this Friday when in front of Nocturns Gaming from 20:00.

– What expectations do you have of the league?

– I think that we are going to do very well. We have less pressure because it rises at the end of the second split. Doesn’t mean that we want to win it, but there is no drama in having some of the problems for this tournament because we can improve in the second, that is when you climb to the ALL. There is the biggest focus. We have a full year to improve everything we can.

While there are two tournaments in the year, you can only fight for the ascent, the team with the most points add up throughout the season. The best of Argentina will face their peers from Uruguay, Chile and Peru. Of the four representatives, only one will play a promotion/relegation against one of the worst teams of the season in the League Of Latin America.

Rakyz play with Damian “Nate” Rea (carrilero top), Luke “Froststrike” Espíndiola (jungle), Javier Augustine “Prodigy” Juarez (shooter) and Hernan “Tsunami” Acosta (support). On the adaptation to the game with his new teammates, said: “We have only a short time of training; a week or a week and a half as much. Luckily I know the guys. With Nate I shared many late against but I know how is your style of game. It is a player quite experienced and it shows. To Frostsrike what I know of leagues above and SoloQ (is the training in solo players). With Prody and Tsunami the same thing happens. I have always been told that I make the team more main. I think I can join you all to feel comfortable”.

– How did the possibility of moving from inactivity to come to Argentina to play in the 9Z?

-It was something that I was not expecting. I thought that the teams of the ALL I was going to contact when I announced as a free agent, but I saw in a moment half bad in that I had to do more to get equipment. Usually offers come to one, but they didn’t have as many as I wanted and I had to move on my own. I spoke with Fran and with various teams to propose a plan with a roster almost completely. Not gave but we were able to get a squad pretty solid with all players that already played in first. I feel that with me and Nate we already have a base, super-strong: we played the last two finals of the Copa Latinoamérica Sur. If we can take advantage of that knowledge and experience, we are going to go re fine.

– What were you training despite not competing?

-This year I finished my studies, so I was not playing much. In a moment I burned of LOL therefore to compete and be 24/7 thinking about it. We compete and our hobby is play, so that we are all the day with the game on the head. Mentally I was worn and I took a break that I did very well, because he did not see the LOL. After about four months I was able to return to enjoy and play with friends. There I went wanting. To me I always liked to play SoloQ, but I spent so much time competing to climb in the rankings do not fills me. It is not something that will make me happy, that’s why I wanted to come back.

– Do you notice that it changed the game?

-Changed the style of play. Before it was more important to the map control and rotations. Now it is a most aggressive style of play dominated the mechanics. As I haven’t played so I focused on recovering the mechanics in SoloQ.