Rainbow7 required this Saturday in a series of quarter-finals of the 2020 Closure of the League of Latin America from the game League of Legends (LoL), but eventually won 3: 2 Blue ESports to narrow the passage to the semifinals.

Rainbow7 did not want surprises in the first game of the series, came out on the offensive mode that the Blue did not answer.

Only 17 minutes handle murder was 4-0 in favor of the “rainbow”, from the jungles of Argentina Brandon ‘Josedeodo’ Villegas of the two murders.

Despite the fact that Blue that played with “the jungle,” Deputy Hatch fillet ‘N N’ Leyva, he won the first two dragons, not kapitaliserede improvement.

Baron Rainbow7-24 was enough to close the game in the middle lane to make the score 1-0 in favor of the bracket of the rainbow.

In game 2, Blue showed that he was not dead. The collision was even in the game before and the environment for as long as is not broken to-25 almost to the death camps for the Blue, who took the opportunity to get your first Baron.

After that, the Chileans opened the map, first by rail above, which threw its inhibitor, and then the battle in the middle, which ended the match 35 and a draw-1-1.

At the beginning of the third meeting was imperceptible, the Angles, which was important as long as the shooter is Francis ‘Nature’ Hara, a lot of damage seemed to triple murder 22 to win the first Baron.

Rainbow opened the card and 29, Blue amago with the answer to steal the Baron, but Rainbow7 answered with the soul of a dragon of the ocean, direct closure.

Nature is approaching a triple kill in the last battle of the teams in the middle lane, where 32 organizations, the Mexican got 2-1, points to win.

Rainbow7 run the game 4) the first murder party, Blue said from camp 11, which kapitaliserede with winning his first Envoy, which was used to pull the tower of 1 degree in the middle lane.

According to brought games grew from Chile, with N N, which did not return to leave to examine of discomfort in his first match in the League of Latin America.

The second Messenger of the 17 Blue pulled out of the second tower in middle lane to 20, but Rainbow7 wanted to answer two of the thefts of the dragon, hell Josedeodo, but on the second theft of the Blue eliminated the three components of the rainbow, to tie the game 2-2.

In the game definition, Blue tried to give a surprise, but 22 game was for Rainbow7, getting the dragon soul in the clouds, and the Baron, to 25.

With imposed the maximum bonus on the map, Rainbow7 was to the dragon ancestors, to the middle lane to finish the match and the series with the score 3: 2.

Rainbow will play in the semifinals in second place Isurus this Saturday, August 22.