Isurus Gaming (ISG) and All Knights (AK) clashed last Saturday in the final of the ALL, the championship of the League, Latin american League of Legends. The chilean team (AK) won 3-2 and it was consecrated champion of the region.

Both teams had met face to face, in the last final last in Talcahuano, Chile, with a victory for the argentine team shark (Isurus). With this victory the team AK won its first championship of the LLA.

It was the first final contested 100% virtual. Was played for the first time with each team from their gaming houses.

During the meeting, were conspicuous players of AK as Pleased, Newbie, Jisu, Pancake and Alive. Isurus Gaming was coming to defeat in the quarterfinals at Gillette Infinity Esports and to Rainbow 7 in the semi-finals.

The history of Pleased has everything to be remembered forever. That pride go as well. This is how it happens to the status of legend, “he said in a press release “Riot MotoHiro”, director of Publishing & Esports at Riot Games LATAM, developer dle game.

According to Infobae Philip Rossi, CEO of All Knights: “it Was an exciting final, that we all had very anxious. It showed a level of play very competitive, they were playing in very good level. All the games were fought. We are super excited and happy. It is the first victory in the ALL for a team relatively new, it received much criticism from the people in the beginning and today ends up being a very successful, with many plans for the future.”

The next goals of AK are to consolidate the team of League of Legends and compete in an international tournament. This time, by the pandemic, the team was unable to participate in the Mid Season Invitational, MSI.

For his part, Facundo Calabrò, owner of Isurus, said to Infobae: “We are very self-critical so much in victory as in defeat. There are several things to be fixed. I don’t want to sound like an excuse, but there was much that we wanted to do and we were not able to this split, being far away is very difficult. What I most regret is not having been able to travel and accompany the boys as we always do. We’re going to continue training, working and follow the path that we are is the right, although that has not been given the outcome.”

The LLA is the highest category of competition of LOL in Latin america. Has two seasons in the year: Opening and Closing. The winner of the Opening ranks to the preliminary phase of the Mid-Season Invitational and the winner of the Decommissioning classifies the preliminary phase of the League of Legends World Championship. The season Closure will be during the second half of 2020.