For lovers of the TFT, and, above all, for the most tryhardthis news can be a before and an after for the autobattle Riot Games, because, finally, she faces her one-year competitive of truth.

2020 is going to be the season that will define TFT as an esport, and that is the world, as we reported a few weeks ago, are a reality in the boards, now galactic, the game that is found on the client of League of Legends.

Riot Games has confirmed that from the 16th of June, the top 300 players scored to sneak among the best players of Europe and opt for a square world.

Of these 300, only 40 will in EUW, 16 in EUNE and 8 of part CIS, which will be fought in a final leaderboard that will be 3 representatives from Europe to the world.

Bracket standings to the world of TFT

Who can participate in the qualifiers and how do they work?

Any person can fight for points and qualify to qualify for the world of TFT, even if the requirement is complicated: to get points you have to be through the top 300 players each week.

The duration of the qualifiers will be 5 weeksand in each one, players must play at least 10 games to score and to be in this range:

Position and distribution of points

According to the table, the first 10 classified will get 60 total points, which end up between the posts 11 and 25 receive 50, and so on.

That is to say, anyone can compete, but the requirement is to be among the 300 best players of the region. The cycle will begin on the 16th day of Junealthough there will be a week of warming in which the qualifiers will begin.

Riot Games has confirmed that it will publish the updated results heretherefore, if your goal is to enter the world, you’ll need to be very attentive and do an exhaustive follow-up.

The finals will also be awarded points

As we said, the top 64 players from EUW, EUNE and CIS will play a final on the 8th and 9th of August. All of them will be divided into a group stage, will the top 8.

How do you determine the top 8 players of the group stage? Well, in the same way that qualifiers: with points in function of how to stay in the games, which will be broadcasted and commented:

System of points of the group stage among the 64 best players

After the group stage, will the grand final between the top 8 of Europe. The top 3 classified to be classified to the world cup, and the points will be distributed thus:

Distribution of points in the grand final between the top 8 of Europe

This is all the information that we have at the moment. Yes, apparently, any player may compete in another region even if you don’t live in it. That is to say, if you have a minimum account Diamond I in a region, you’ll be able to choose to play the qualifiers, although it is possible that Riot Games change.