The PlayStation 5 fever is now reaching critical levels: due to the incredibly tight supplies, the absence of any stock in all the shops, and the proliferation of scalpers who have obtained consoles only thanks to bots, it is not uncommon to see on the sites of online buying and selling of ads bordering on the absurd.

Consoles sold at double, if not triple their market value are commonplace on eBay and similar sites. Although the presence of such an elevated “crest” may seem disgusting, touts are, at present, the only way to get hold of a PS5. However, if we go and scrape the bottom of the human barrel, we can find even something worse.

Several eBay users are in fact reporting the presence of several ads, related to the sale of PlayStation 5, incredibly misleading and scamming. For example, some auctions seem to be giving away a PS5 console starting from an honest price, but by reading the description of the item in detail, we can see that you are not fighting for a console, but for a simple photograph, if not for the empty box.

In some cases, the scam is obvious, but in others, the deception is much more subtle, as the real content of the sale is written in small print, if not even omitted entirely.

eBay, after receiving significant reports about it, has publicly stated that it is aware of the situation and is working to combat the phenomenon by removing ads of this type and promising heavy action against “sellers”.

” We condemn these opportunistic sellers who are trying to mislead other users. We are working to remove all PS5 photo ads from our marketplace and will take appropriate action against resellers. For all purchases, especially for items that are expensive or in demand. is high, buyers should proceed with caution and read the descriptions carefully. If the buyer has received an item that is not as described on the page, he is entitled to a full refund, provided he paid via the eBay platform. “.

At the time of this writing, there are still a lot of fake ads on eBay, like this one, albeit in less quantity than feared. Although the scam is, in many cases, immediately visible, we must never take anything for granted and we must always exercise the utmost caution and protect the less prudent.

We, of course, invite you not to give in to the temptations of the scalpers and wait for the new console stocks which, as promised by Sony, should arrive before the end of the year.