PlayStation 5 launches tomorrow, November 12, in some regions, and November 19 around the world, but of course not everyone will immediately switch to next-gen. Many players will choose to stick with PS4, but how long will it be possible to play on current-gen? How long will the main games continue to be released on both PS4 and PS5? Apparently, for quite some time yet, according to Sony.

The Japanese site AV Watch recently interviewed the vice president of Sony Interactive EntertainmentHideaki Nishino, and, according to him, we can expect CrossGen titles PS4-SS5 until 2023.

” For now, PS4 development is also needed. It’s not a PlayStation unless you provide a system that developers can [leverage] for several years, so I think there’s a lot of potential in the future .”

” In terms of compatibility, it is important to have PS4 titles on PS5, but I insisted that future compatibility (with the same titles on PS5 and PS4) is important. The current assumption is that the transition from PS4 to PS5 will take approximately three years. In the meantime, how can I continue to buy games on PS4? Can purchased games be played on PS5? This is important. We ask developers to create games on the premise of cross-gen between PS4 and PS5 . “

This doesn’t mean that there won’t be any PS5 exclusives, but simply that crossgen titles will continue to exist for some time. Demon’s Souls will be exclusive to PS5, as will Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, but you can expect most of the big third party games to be cross-gen for at least another 3 years, like popular sports titles.

How about?