Today, November 10th is Xbox Series X/S launch day, and in two days, PS5 will land in select regions, with a global launch scheduled for November 19th.

We have now entered the next-gen and for some time the various reviews of specialized portals have emerged on the net. has decided to summarize the general opinion of these reviews and, apparently, from the opinions of critics, it seems that PS5 will be the console that will offer a true next-gen experience and not the Xbox Series X/S, which seem anchored to the past.

Gamesindustry’s editor-in-chief Matthew Handrahan pointed out that the press praised Microsoft’s new machines, but there are some doubts. In the case of PS5, however, it seems that critics have appreciated more the work done by Sony: ” if you want a real taste of what the next-gen should be, the Sony console is the only possible choice “, reads in the article.

Handrahan then reported a series of reviews in which PS5’s only limitations are highlighted by its massive size and bold design that may not please everyone.

As for Microsoft, Handrahan points out that the company’s strategy, which focuses on the “Xbox ecosystem” and Xbox Game Pass, is certainly an advantage for those who choose the platforms of the Redmond giant, but at the same time this strategy could disappoint the players who want new thrills with the arrival of a new console.

What do you think?