According to many, the comparison between the launch lineup of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X has a clear winner, namely the offer proposed by Sony with its games for the next-gen.

Microsoft doesn’t have a great next-gen game only available on its new console, in hindsight. Games like Halo Infinite and even the exclusive third party The Medium have been pushed back to 2021.

However, in an interview posted on Shacknews, Xbox boss Phil Spencer pointed out that the launch line-ups will still not impact console sales due to the extremely low supplies available this year, caused in part by COVID-19. . On the other hand, Spencer argues that the Christmas holiday period of 2021 will be much more important as supply issues are resolved and the titles offered will actually matter by that point.

” Surely the press will say,” Xbox launch lineup versus PS5 launch lineup. “But if the systems are both sold-out, I’m not sure the launch line-ups will have a big impact on anything other than scores. Reviews. The launch line-ups won’t tell us how many consoles we will sell. What determines the sales won’t be the competition and it won’t be a Halo or a launch line-up. But how many units we can make. “

” Our pre-orders sold out in a few hours, and that goes for the competition as well. There is a strong demand for consoles right now and we will both be building as many as possible. You could say that the 2021 holidays will be probably more important because, from a competitive point of view, both consoles will have a greater offer “.

This confirms that Microsoft is very confident in its long-term strategy and certainly the Series X and S line-up will get bigger thanks to acquisitions like Bethesda’s.

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