PlayStation 5 enjoyed powerful marketing that took demand to stratospheric levels. Unfortunately, this demand turned out to be far too exorbitant, given the limited availability of the day-one.

At present, although some American retailers have a handful of units to sell in store, PlayStation 5 is considered sold-out worldwide. With us in Italy, however, it is no longer possible to book the console and we will have to wait for retailers to make the store units available for online purchase that will not be able to sell on November 19th due to the latest DCPM.

The problem, thankfully, shouldn’t last long, as Sony’s Jim Ryan has ensured that new units will be made available both before and after Christmas, in new waves of worldwide shipments.

Here are Ryan’s statements in an interview with the BBC :

” We are making more PS5 in this difficult period than PS4 in its launch period. If people couldn’t find a PS5 at launch, we are mortified and apologetic. They can rest assured though, we are working hard to expand the supply considerably. of PS5 consoles to be placed on the market before and after Christmas. “.

The coronavirus has significantly damaged the PlayStation 5 production chain (as well as that of the Xbox Series X ), forcing platform owners to debut in the next-gen with few units.

Will Sony be able to fulfill this promise and give a PS5 to all those who wish to buy it, or will the console remain unobtainable for many months?