Buying a brand new console is a sacred moment for many gamers, so much so that, at least for the first few months, you are almost afraid to want to touch it with your bare hands, for fear of indelibly staining it with anything.

PlayStation 5 is fully among these objects: after having shelled out a considerable amount to take it home, it would be a real shame to dirty it in the first days, right? So how would you react if we told you that some users have discovered spots and halos on their new factory consoles?

On Reddit and around Twitter, it is possible to find various reports of gamers who report the presence of dark halos and translucent spots, on the white body of their PS5, still fresh from packaging.

Many hypothesize it is a manufacturing defect, especially in the casting and molding of plastic to make the aforementioned bodies, but it is not possible to say with absolute certainty. What is certain is that, with the passage of time, more and more testimonies are queued to the various complaints on social networks.

In some cases, the halo is only visible in the backlight, so it can be ignored, but in other cases, it looks like a real burn that can cause a lot of discomfort from any angle you look at it.

Even some Italian YouTubers, including IlGattoSulTubo in its Twitch unboxing life, have discovered some halos in the white body of the PlayStation 5, so this is a problem that afflicts all markets.

We do not yet know precisely the extent and spread of this defect, but the reports are constantly increasing. Have you noticed any similar problems on your consoles? Let us know in the comments.