PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S have been on the market for a few weeks now and the first sales figures are starting to arrive at launch in Europe. In Spain, for example, the PS5 far outstripped the Xbox Series X / S sales, with 43,000 units of Sony’s console versus Microsoft’s 14,000.

Of these 43,000, the regular disc model sold 38,000 units, while the all-digital version 5,000. Thus, we can say that the normal model with a disc player is the predominant one, with digital having a much smaller market share. In addition to this, in Spain, it is the best launch ever: PS2 in fact had sold 40,000 units, PS3 35,000 and PS5 38,000.

Xbox Series X / S instead had a very similar launch to that of previous Microsoft consoles in Spain. Xbox Series X sold 10,500 units, completely depleting their supplies, while Xbox Series S placed 3,600 units. For comparison, the Xbox 360 had sold 14,900 units and the Xbox One 15,000.