PlayStation 5 may be a console loved by many people, but its design hasn’t really convinced everyone. The huge white shells have not tickled the aesthetic sense of gamers, so much so that some of them have to customize the panels with various paints and decals.

They range from the banal black colors to real designs inspired by the most famous PlayStation games, such as to make any future Limited Edition pale.

Among those who have thrown themselves into the next-gen customization work, there is also someone who has nothing against the white shells, but has preferred to focus on a different detail: the PlayStation logo.

The left panel of the console features a small PlayStation-shaped hole, a ubiquitous symbol on Sony consoles. Having that important symbol as a simple hole, however, is pretty sad, isn’t it?

That’s why a Twitter user decided to “fill” that hole with colored plastic inserts; to be precise, colored with the same colors as the PlayStation logo during the PSX and PS2 era, a real blast from the past.

As it happens, it seems he was not the only one to have this idea, because in response to his tweet, the photos of other users also arrived, who also filled the PS-hole with the historical colors.

And if you think that the PS5 user logos customization operation is over, you are mistaken: on Reddit, someone has even dared further.

The user Stewartjja has in fact cut out a small electroluminescent panel, placing it behind the PS logo and feeding it through the USB socket of the console. The result? A perfectly illuminated symbol.

PlayStation users are unleashing their creativity with the customizations of the next-gen console and, considering the ease with which the white body can be replaced, it is logical to assume that Sony can propose official alternatives in the future (perhaps taking inspiration from the creations of the users).

Certainly, considering the speed with which it forced the closure of sites that sold alternative bodies, it is better to wait for the company’s decisions before turning it into an independent business.

What do you think of these customizations? Colored logo, illuminated logo, or do you already like the neutral hole?