PlayStation 5 is full of new features, from the new DualSense controller to the increased power, passing through the very fast loading times. But one of the most interesting strengths is not, in reality, a new idea: the automatic and universal camera reversal.

Xbox 360 users will remember this feature fondly. In short, the console will remember whether or not to reverse the camera’s Y-axis in the games you are playing and then apply that setting to system-wide games.

Xbox One couldn’t do this, and an Xbox spokesperson told Kotaku that the feature won’t be available on Xbox Series X or S at launch either and that there are no plans to roll it out. PlayStation 4 didn’t have that feature either, but PS5 did.

  • From the PlayStation main menu, go to settings. (the gear icon in the top bar).
  • Scroll down to “Saved Data and Game / App Settings”.
  • Scroll down to “Game Presets”.

You should see options for first-person or third-person perspective games. The contents of both subsections are the same. You will see drop-down menus for both the horizontal and vertical axis. You can set these menus to one of three options: game default, normal, and inverted. The system will then apply your selections to the games you play.

The ability to automatically and universally reverse camera settings on PS5, however, will only apply ” to games that support this feature “.

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