Sony gave a PS5 to Joey Chiu, the one who “first in line” bought a PS4 at launch and then continued without hesitation with a PS4 PRO.

Chiu himself showed in a post (obviously super enthusiastic) on Twitter the newcomer from Sony in the version with an optical reader alongside a message on a transparent plate: “At the first in line for PS4 and PS4 PRO, patience is a virtue “ followed by ” this is for you “ .

Interlingual rhymes aside, the message continues with: “Play has no Limit”, a motto that seems to continue along the lines of “For the Players” that had connoted the previous generation of Japanese-based consoles.

In case you don’t want to leave the good Joey Chiu alone in the cold meanders of the new Playstation Network and grab yourself a flaming Playstation 5, tomorrow, November 12th is the first useful day to do it in the United States, Japan, Canada, Mexico, and Australia. Now, as it is very likely that you are not in one of these countries, but only in “Bel”, you will have to wait until the 19th of this month (provided that you have been so ready and lucky as to be able to buy one). On the other hand, Sony was clear, “Patience is a virtue”.

What do you think of this nice gesture from Sony?