Costco Canada is one of the rare stores where it is currently possible to buy a PlayStation 5 with decent availability. Why has it not yet been stormed by Canadian gamers? Because the next-gen console is included in a rich and expensive bundle that includes several elements, as reported on Reddit.

This is a complete package that obviously includes PlayStation 5, a 55-inch Sony 4K TV, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, an extra DualSense, charging station, HD webcam, headphones with 3D audio, and remote control. Media Remote. All for 2,199.99 Canadian dollars, approximately 1,414.30 euros.

The math confirms that thanks to this bundle, it is possible to save around 60 euros, compared to the purchase of the individual elements, so all in all it is an affordable package. The bundle is currently only available in Costco stores in Canada, so … lucky them.

Gamers who want to get hold of a PS5 exclusively may not be interested in purchasing the full package. However, considering that scalpers online are placing their extra consoles at similar prices, better to have an extra TV than to give them satisfaction, right?

What do you think? Had it also been available from us, would you have taken advantage of this bundle?