Gamers who have put their hands on PS5 for the first time are finding that some features may take up space on their console.

A very attentive Reddit user posted a post about the “save trophy videos” feature saying that he checked the console’s storage area and found that 500 megabytes had been used by these videos after playing Astro’s Playroom.

The Save Trophy Videos feature takes up space on your console, automatically saving your footage every time you unlock one. Apparently, this particular feature quickly accumulates a lot of valuable space on PS5, and many fans who responded to the thread were eager to follow the advice to disable the feature to maintain as much storage space as possible.

Astro’s Playroom is a game specially designed to pay homage to the history of PlayStation and to take full advantage of the hardware of the new DualSense controller. Of course, if gamers don’t have a problem with space occupied and really want to keep their trophy videos, this feature can always be kept and all videos will be saved to the console.

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