PlayStation 5 is available in parts of the world (North America, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore, and South Korea) and many enthusiastic gamers are getting their hands on it right now.

However, these days an increasing number of gamers are using gaming monitors that can be connected to PC and consoles at the same time. If you are among those who have been disappointed to learn that there is no native 1440p support on PS5, you may be interested in the “fix” promised by MSI in a new press release. Obviously, this involves using one of their gaming monitors that support the brand new ” Console Mode “.

” MSI has listened to consumer voices and provided a relatively good solution. We have designed a unique console mode that can automatically accept 4K signals on QHD monitors and support HDR simultaneously. This offers the best gaming experiences and allows you to enjoy yourself console games even with a QHD monitor “.

This “Console Mode” which should provide the “fix” for 1440p on PS5 is exemplified by the image below. As far as we can see, however, this doesn’t seem to involve any extravagant technology; on the other hand, it appears to be a different scaling method.

The press release also provides a list of monitors that will be able to use this mode to display 1440p resolution on PS5.


  • Optix MPG341CQR Optix
  • Optix MPG341CQRV
  • Optix MAG342CQR
  • Optix AG321CQR


  • Prestige PS321QR
  • MAG274QRF-QD
  • Optix MAG274QRF

Keep in mind that all the curved monitors above are equipped with Ultrawide displays. This includes the upcoming ARTYMIS 343CQR MPG, which MSI advertises as the world’s first “AI” 1000R monitor with 3440×1440 resolution, 1ms response time, HDR400 when it launches next month.

PlayStation 5, just like all other consoles, doesn’t support Ultrawide resolutions. As such, you would be forced to choose between displaying with “black bars” to maintain the correct 16: 9 aspect ratio or simply “stretching” the image; be sure to keep that in mind if you order one of these MSI monitors.

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