As you probably know the new PS5 does not support PS4 controllers and journalist Laura Kate Dale has decided to dwell on the matter, because the decision made by Sony for its next-gen could be a big obstacle for many players with disabilities.

The reporter did not go too lightly and commented on the situation stating that Sony has excluded support only for a matter of money.

In the journalist’s tweets we read:

” If you play PS5 games on PS4 through Remote Play, you can use a PS4 controller .”

” There is absolutely no reason not to support PS4 controllers on PS5 “.

” This is shameful, as so many PS4 custom controllers for players with disabilities have been rendered inoperable by this choice .”

” As for the accessibility of the PS5, this is something that really bothers me .”

” The only reason you can’t use a custom disabled PS4 controller on PS5 is money .”

” This is unnecessarily excluding some players with disabilities from PS5 .”

The reporter concludes by stating: ” PS4 controllers can be used with PS5 games via Remote Play. Let them run natively on PS5, so that people with expensive custom controllers can play on PS5 as well .”

What do you think?