PS5 and Xbox Series X/S look like they are nowhere to be found, with retailers running out of stock in no time after launch. On sites like eBay, the next-gen is offered at crazy prices but, apparently, an Italian site would have units and would be selling the consoles at a lower price than normal.

This is the Euromediashop site, an online retailer from Brindisi, which is distributing flyers in northern Italy where the standard PS5 appears at a price of 419 euros and PS5 Digital Edition at 349 euros. The same goes for Xbox Series X, offered at 409 Euros, and Series S, offered at 249 Euros.

Getting a next-gen console at a lower price is the dream of many today, but the question is: is the site reliable? At the moment, it emerged that the site was registered in October 2020, so there are not many comments from users who have made purchases through the platform.

The site also has a toll-free number registered on , a warehouse with a lot of address,es and the owner, who responds to the name of Christian Ciciriello, is available on a mobile phone. But not only that, but the owner also sends photos to customers to demonstrate the availability of the consoles in stock. contacted the owner, asking for clarification on the matter.

” The promotions on the Playstation 5 and the other promotions on the site are ‘flirtatious’ products to make Euromediashop known to people living in the north. We have invested over 90,000 euros in advertising in Lombardy,” said Christian Ciciriello. ” While Mediaworld and Euronics pre-ordered, and then sold all the PS5s under pre-order, Euromediashop kept them in stock because no one would trust to pay in advance for something that would be delivered after several months. We have 500 Playstation 5s available. . “

The owner also states that in the case of PS5 the consoles were not sold directly by Sony, ” but we bought them from dealers who in turn bought them from Sony Italy. They come from Italy, the guarantee is Italian “.

Regarding the registration of the site in October 2020, Christian Ciciriello confirms the date but ” the company has existed for some time. I had to reinvent myself and reinvent a business to cope with the current situation. We know what economic situation we are in with the coronavirus, and I tell you honestly, I have invested in advertising in Lombardy because I think there is more money than us “.