Today is Black Friday and GameStop locations in the US will have PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S available. The shops were closed yesterday for Thanksgiving and reopened today at 7 am. However, this hasn’t stopped fans from camping outside the shops to secure their seats in line. An image on Twitter shows us the players chasing the next-gen in tents. It is impossible to say if this has happened in front of other GameStops in the country, but it certainly shows how high the interest in the new consoles is.

Considering how difficult it is to get a PS5 and an Xbox Series X right now, it’s no surprise to see people camping out in front of the shops. GameStop guaranteed that every outlet would have stock on Black Friday, and this clearly attracted a lot of attention! Prices for the two systems have skyrocketed on sites like eBay, particularly as retailer groups are taking over consoles as soon as they are offered online.

Earlier this month, Best Buy said it will not sell next-generation consoles until 2021. This decision was made to prevent fans from lining up outside stores during the Coronavirus pandemic. With GameStop selling consoles in stores on Black Friday, exactly the opposite is happening.