CrepChiefNotify is a company that includes thousands of paid members, which is based in the UK but recently launched in the US as well. It is said to use bot software to bypass online retail queues and automatically purchase consoles as they become available.

The group recently rose to prominence after boasting that its members had gotten around 3,500 PS5 consoles to resell for profit. On Sunday, CrepChiefNotify claimed that it had managed to obtain a significant amount of Xbox Series X consoles from the British company Very.

” We have just informed our members of an Xbox Series X refill at a well-known online retailer, ” the company said on its social media channels. ” Now we have managed to get over 1000 consoles .”

Unsurprisingly, CrepChiefNotify has attracted negative comments from consumers struggling to get a PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X console, with units sold out at virtually every major retailer, and with auction sites listing consoles at double their price. detail.

In a statement released by the group last week, the company defended its actions by stating that many of its members must ” put food on the table ” and are now able to do so thanks to the profits from the consoles.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer recently acknowledged the difficulties consumers faced getting a Series X or S console this month and said the platform owner is considering new ways to implement console pre-orders.

Spencer also said that both Microsoft and Sony ” complained,” about how pre-orders for their next-generation consoles went and talked about the ” many angry customers ” struggling to get the hardware.

The executive then reiterated that the Xbox Series X/S shortages will continue until April 2021.