More than a year ago, Sony announced that it would remove the integration of Facebook to PS4. This way, users would no longer be able to upload screenshots or videos of their games to social media.

Although Sony never explained why the decision came in the wake of sharing new details regarding how Facebook collected user information. Things have gotten stranger since then. First noticed by some PS4 owners on Reddit, it appears that Facebook has slowly begun to erase all previously uploaded screenshots and game clips that users may have uploaded in the past. While no new media could be uploaded since late 2019, anything that may have been posted to the platform before that time now seems to have completely disappeared.

While it’s unclear whether this is a move that is affecting everyone who has used Facebook’s sharing feature, many have responded to the thread in the affirmative.

Currently, it is not known who is “to blame”: Facebook made the decision autonomously from Sony? Or did the PS5 company specifically ask for the content to be removed? For now, there is still no answer to these questions: we just have to wait for any confirmations from both sides.