The 31 may will be held a day of charity in which there will be talks and showmatchs involving professional players and influencers. Find out more details In the note!

Despite the fact that Coronavirus slowed down to all the traditional sports and most activities at the global level, one of the things that was not able to stop are the esports. Not only is continuing professional tournaments despite the quarantine, but that also took place many festivals and benefit events.

The next Sunday, may 31,there will be a showmatch online for the benefit of League of Legends, in which all the money raised will be destined to the association “the house of The women Daiana seat 31”. It will count with the presence of players and casters professionalas well as influencers. In addition, you will be Alejandra Hintze, a doctor who will give a talk.

The difficult situation in the neighborhoods of emerging was boosted with the arrival of the Covid19. With this charity event, spearheaded by the player of River Plate Games Lujan “Psirenyta” Benitez, it will be helping 200 women to provide counseling and food to the Barrio Padre Mugica and Villa 31 in Retiro. There are over 400 families without water, without light, or without food which they receive the support of this grouping.

The event will be held on Sunday May 31, from the 14:00 pm and will end around the 21:00. The transmission can be enjoyed through Twitchin the channel of Samurai. The day will be entirely online, and will feature lectures by the medical Alejandra Hintzewho will be invited to contribute their knowledge about the situation of the Coronavirus, answer questions and advise on the personal care. In addition, there will be other meetings offered by professional players and will be run as a series of showmatchs that will start the 16:00 pm.

Some of the invokers most prominent that will participate in the charity event are Buggax, Rakyz, Tsunami, Fix, Filopo, Pandulce and Frostrike, among others. In addition, some of the influencers who will be present are: Lolwingz, Lolito, Necko, Rogel, Magui Sunshine and Vkryp. In addition, to transmit the passion in each game, there will be a great team of casters and commentators in the scene, such as Ssephix, Oxaciano, Chulinda, Bombastic, Crafer and Bnarna.