PS5 is officially available for gamers around the world, and PlayStation boss Jim Ryan undoubtedly has a lot to say about the console.

In a new interview with GQ, Ryan outlined many of his thoughts and feelings regarding the launch and what will happen in the future of PlayStation.

Ryan discussed the birth of PS5 five years ago, focusing more on-chip technology and how to successfully implement it. Ryan specifically defined the process as ” a series of endless iterative decisions ” while trying to figure out how to create the new platform.

Ryan also discussed DualSense and 3D audio to make the game truly unique. The console design was also discussed in detail. ” We wanted to do something bold, a little different and more future-oriented than the consoles of the past, ” said Ryan. ” I think the reaction justified our bold decision .”

Ryan discussed his role as a broker when it came to deciding on some ideas, especially when it came to chip technology. ” Tech-savvy people will say,” Here’s a really cool chip that will make a great game console, “explained Ryan.” Yes, but this really cool console is going to have to sell for $ 1,000, “so a far out of the market price.

Ryan also talked about the importance of big releases like Spider-Man: Miles Morales, discussing the influence of studio acquisitions. ” We’re making great games now and we definitely intend to keep making great games, ” Ryan said.

Ryan is aware that video games have truly become a generational legacy, with parents having fun with previous PlayStation generations in the past and now enjoying their kids with new platforms. PS5 is in fact destined to be a new console capable of reaching players of all kinds, with a large library to choose from.

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