In Pokémon GO, the first tests on a new EP system will start today, November 9th. These will initially take place for one week and only in Australia and New Zealand. Some players hope that these adjustments are the first sign of a new max level.

What’s going on there? As Niantic announced, a special test is running from November 9th to 16th. Selected trainers from Australia and New Zealand experience an adapted EP system.

Almost all areas of the game are said to be affected by the changes, including:

  • Catching Pokémon
  • Evolving Pokémon
  • The hatching of eggs

However, Niantic has not yet revealed what the changes will actually look like. The players from Down Under are asked accordingly frequently. But so far no coach has reported who has had an adjustment.

Why is this interesting for us? Niantic promised bonus items during the tests that players can find in the Daily Free Box. However, they come for all players worldwide and not just those who are testing the new EP system.

In addition, the adjustments could be an indication that the max level in Pokémon GO will soon be increased.

Players see tests as an indication of level 50

How do the players react? There are several comments under the Reddit post on the test that assume that the adjustments will be used for a new max level:

  • The user Copycatcabra writes: “If that is not the clearest example that an increase in the level limit is imminent …”
  • The user DonzaRS replies to Copycatcabra that he is expecting the new level to be released in mid-December.
  • FizzingSin is assuming a coming level 50, even if it has never been officially confirmed: “I’m so excited about level 50”.
  • Hillside126, on the other hand, sees no direct connection: “The formulation is so vague that they describe it as a rebalance that does not seem to be related to the raising of the level limit to 50. I’m not sure what the point is to change the amount of XP gained in the ways mentioned. “

Hillside126 refers to the previous information that we have about a new max level. This should differ from the previous experience at level 40.

What do we know about a new max level?

  • Niantic announced back in 2019 that they were working on a new Max level. However, there shouldn’t be a simple increase in XP
  • In spring 2020, data miners found rewards for levels 41 to 50
  • In July 2020, Niantic already gave more details and explained that  leveling after level 40 feels different than before
  • In October a new leak then showed special tasks that could be used for leveling

With the special tasks, leveling from level 40 could actually differ greatly from the previous system. Nevertheless, the changes to the EP system could have to do with a new max level.