Pleased, the carrilero central of All the Knights, announced that it will be removed from the scene competitive then play in the final of the Opening of the League of Latin america. Find out more details In the note!

All Knights has an idol extremely indisputable: Joaquin “Pleased” Perez. The history of the carrilero central as a professional player will come to an end as Pleased announced via a video on Instagram that will be retiring at the end of the Opening 2020 with only 23 years. The last games of the mid laner will be the next 2nd of may in the final of the League of Latin america.

The summoner will be able to say goodbye to big, since next to the combined chilean reached the definition of the LLA after finishing in the first position of the table of the group stage. He had already contested the final of the tournament in the Closing 2019 before Isurus, which lost by 3 to 0 in Talcahuano. Their potential opponents are the Shark, Infinity or Rainbow7.

At the end of the split, the player it will be content creator for All Knights. While it is stressed within the Crack, Pleased it was one of the players that are involved in the videos and publications that were The Knights in their social networks. With its unique charisma, it transcends the League of Legends and is one of the most outstanding characters of the league.

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Pleased he began his professional career in 2015 Game Over, a combo with which he played the Circuits the Legends in Chile. The following year, became part of Dark Horse as a substitute, but a month, Kaos Latin Gamers it was his new home. In KLG not only proved to be one of the best lanes core of the region, but that he was crowned champion of the CLS in 2018 and traveled to the edition of Worlds of that year. In 2019 it was one of the first players All Knights the story, set which led to the top of the League Latin america.