The 30% commission that goes to companies like MicrosoftSonyAppleGoogle, and Valve every time a developer publishes apps or games on the platforms has been the subject of much discussion over the past couple of years.

Epic Games created their own shop where the 30% commission was reduced to 12%. Lately, the company has also been waging a legal dispute with Apple (although this has more to do with the blocking on the iOS ecosystem) and has also come out against Google’s practices on the Android platform.

In a new interview published in The VergePhil Spencer, Head of Gaming at Microsoft, said it makes no sense to compare the 30% commission charged by Google and Apple with that of Sony and Microsoft. The reason for this is mainly the vastly different scale between iOS / Android and Xbox / PlayStation.

“ If you just look at the scale, there are a billion cell phones on the planet. These are general platforms. A game console does one thing: it runs video games. And we sell them at a loss. model is very, very different than the scale of Windows, or iOS, or Android. “

” I think about 200 million consoles are sold in a whole generation. That’s less than a year of phone sales. People say, well, the scale shouldn’t matter. Instead, it matters .”

To be fair, Apple recently agreed to cut the 30% commission down to 15% on its App Store, but that will only affect small developers earning less than a million dollars in annual sales.

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