If you are one of those people who managed to get hold of a PlayStation 5 during these times of non-existent stock, then you have been very lucky. Unfortunately, bad luck can also lurk in luck and there is the possibility that your console is the victim of an annoying, albeit absurd, factory defect.

This has been the case with some users, who are reporting cases of “loud noises” coming from their PS5s. The new Sony console is (on paper) a very quiet device, nothing to do with PS4 and PS4 Pro, on several occasions compared to aircraft taking off. So how do you explain the noise of the next-gen Sony?

There are many reports, but the most illustrious one undoubtedly comes from Frank Keienburg, developer at Supercell, who shared a small video on Twitter to illustrate the problem in question. Indeed, even without having seen or heard a PS5 console in action, we can confidently say that that’s not the right sound it should produce.

The developer did not lose heart, however, and decided to open the console completely to get to the heatsinks, indicated as the potential culprits of this buzz. The theory finally proved correct: the noise was coming from the PlayStation 5’s small internal fan, but what was causing that hum?

A real nonsense: a label inside the fan was slightly unglued. It was enough to remove the adhesive completely to solve the annoyance and bring the console back to zero decibels.

A silly problem with a trivial solution, all things considered. Unfortunately, although the problem is quite widespread among console owners, perhaps even some of you, we don’t feel like recommending this self-repair operation.

The reason is obvious: to reach the fan and fix that label, it was necessary to disassemble a large part of the console and, doing this at home, automatically voids the warranty. Is it worth the risk? Or is it better to send the console in for service and wait for Sony to get its hand on it?

In any case, we hope not to have to witness many cases of this kind, because it would be a real shame to have to give up a quiet game with your PS5, due to a little glue that does not do its duty.