PlayStation 5 is finally available all over the world, but not all those who wanted it have managed to buy it: the stocks of this new console have literally been snapped up and it is no longer possible to get them, if not through the dizzying prices of the classic scalpers. and network touts.

Just like with the Xbox Series X, production was slowed down by the COVID pandemic, resulting in an incredibly weak supply, unable to meet the demand from gamers, which was already higher than expected.

In an interview with TASS, PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan discussed the challenges the company faced in building and distributing a new generation of consoles during these difficult times. As expected, it was not a walk in the park:

” I guess my two main feelings are happiness, as it seems that things are going well and relief; somehow we have managed to cope with this unusual, strange, and, frankly, difficult year. Of everything I have learned this year, one is that I have no plans to re-launch a major console in the midst of a global pandemic and would not recommend it to anyone else. It was difficult, especially for the production line, considering that no one could be sent to factories in Asia … Before we started production, we had to monitor the production chain remotely via cameras. I mean, imagine doing it for precision equipment like PlayStation 5. “.

At these moments, PlayStation 5 is no longer available in any store or website and we do not know how long it will take before the market can welcome new units.

Ryan had promised the arrival of new consoles before and after Christmas, but will they be enough to fill the warehouses, or will we have to wait until late 2021? And did you manage to secure one, or were you unlucky?