Image via Riot Games

Only a week passed since the launch of Sett and the champion has already conquered our hearts and the display of the victory with their Time of the Show.

A player League of Legends posted today a video on Reddit that shows a wombo combo stellar starring Sett, and Gallium.

After wasting a couple of cooldowns key, the enemy team retreated to their base. Unfortunately for them, the picuchillos they were cornered in a narrow spot and were easy bait for the wombo.

Gallium began the fray by mocking three enemies. The player of Sett took advantage of the opportunity and the enemy Lee sin, by using Time-of-Show (R) to throw at the Blind Monk against four people. To intensify the monumental move, the player of Gallium used Entry Heroic to crush the location of the Sett. This wombo combo secured a control of masses devastating and wipe the whole team.

Although the Head was designed to play on the top rail, his rate of victories in that role is certainly deficient. From the range Gold, the rate of victories of Sett in the top rail round the 49 %, according to In the jungle, however, the giant seems to thrive with a rate of victories of 51% on the high. However, it is likely that these figures change as the players learn the ins and outs of the champion.

This article was originally published in English by Andreas Stavropoulos on January 22, 2020.