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Recently, a player of League of Legends managed to break a world record. The funny thing is that he did not demonstrating his talent or presenting amazing skills. In fact, what happened is that he became the player who most often died in a game of League of Legends.

As informs DotEsports, the responsible for this achievement was a Lowo, a player from EUW who died 700 times in a game of 151 minutes playing as Nunu. The foregoing translates into an average of 5 deaths per minute.

Now, it is important to point out that everything indicates that the feat of Lowo was planned. That is to say, that was left to kill and not played normally. What we say as figures of League of Graphs indicate that in this game Nunu had no or low attendance.

Thus, it seems that, during this game, Lowo only ordered Nunu to die. That said, there is that recognize that the speed with which you got these low is really impressive. Especially because it looks that built the character to die as soon as possible.

Who had this record previously?

It is worth mentioning that Lowo is not the first player to get an amount of low absurdly high in a game. In fact, this record belonged to another player who also died on several occasions.

Previously, the record low in a game of League of Legends belonged to Wukony, a player who suffered 686 low in a game of 207 minutes. As you can see, the record of Lowo I get on with both amount of casualties, as well as in time.

And you, what do you think about this record? Did you think that someone would do something like this? Tell us in the comments.

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