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Player of League of Legends gets a great feat something shameful

martinoli an unfortunate thing

League of Legends it is a game very popular in the that their players have broken major world records, but recently one of them has left a mark quite disastrous for any player, as it has become in the player that has died the most times during a game of LoL.

From the web site DotEsports it has been reported that the owner of this disgraceful record is the player Lowo, who died a total of 700 times in a game of 151 minutes playing as Nunu. If we take the average of kills per minute, this user died 5 times each minute, that is to say, every 12 seconds, it was killed.

Good within the bad, is great feat is that this player is let him win and he didn’t play as it usually would, as in the graph of League of Graphs I had no low or assistance, just ordered Nunu to die.

League of legends die 700 times