The player of esports, Mayumi, which is involved with Intz Esports in the tournament brazilian CBLOL of League of Legends has been the victim of comments and acts of machismo on the part of several competitors, in particular of a former player called Lep.

In recent days, the league’s brazilian was involved in a controversial situation involving Júlia “Mayumi” Nakamura (support alternate Intz Esports), the team Network Canids and one of his former players Pedro Luiz “Lep” Marcari.

The controversy erupted after a video where the player responds to a comment during a live broadcast, in which users asks: “How it was you who gave the idea to the guys and get hands on balls after to say hello to Mayumi in the Super league? Referring to an act performed by the players Uppercut Esports during the Super league ABCDE 2019 in the debut of the player.

To what Lep said: “What next? It should have been before”. But when the video was made viral, the former player asked for an apology to Mayumi.

“Now that I was able to reflect, I would like to apologize to @ jumayumin1, I ended up responding to a person in the chat made a comment completely unnecessary I ended up joining the “joke”. I do not agree with attitudes like this and I promise that will no longer happen”, published on his Twitter account.

However, two days later, again make comments about the player, accusing her of having sexual relations in the studies of the BBL, a accusation is quite serious because Mayumi is a minor, 17 years old.

“Good night @ lep139, answer me one thing: What good is it to apologize publicly and then spreading lies in the face publicly? Do you realize what you’re doing?” published by the competitor.

The player stated that it will take legal action on Lep, an initiative which was joined by his own club INTZ Esports, that will help you with the complaint to the authorities.

“For the present, we express our vehement rejection of the act committed by Mr. Peter Marcari in connection with our professional athlete Júlia Mayumi, the last day 25.01.2020″.

Machismo abounds in the environment of League of Legends, there was even a case of complaints collective against Riot Games for harassment and the work environment unhealthy. There is also the case of the girls of Vaevictis that were attacked with offensive comments on the part of its rivals.Remilia, a player who died just last December 27, in its time, was also a victim of this type of attacks, which forced her to leave the competitive.