We meet with the curious news that has broken a new record in League of Legendsthat really is impressive, for a player died 700 times during a game.

A user of the server EUW of LOL played with Nunu in a game that lasted 151 minutes in total, doing the, now famous, 700 deathsworst , most ironic about this situation is that the player won, despite being on the opposite team an Ahri with 667 kills.

The great feat is reflected when calculating that were nearly five deaths per minute. When you look at the statistics in League of Graphs, it seems that Nunu kept running towards Ahri , while the other players were playing normally. Another fact is that Nunu also had zero kills and zero assists, so that was a great strategy.


Via: League of Graphs

Although apparently the deaths were planned, the speed with which they arrived at this number is impressive and we believe it will be difficult to overcome

And before this record…

It is said that they broke the record because the number previous to the one mentioned above had the player of EUW Wukony, who died 686 times in a game, with a heading of 207 minutes.

These records were established in Ranked Flex, where players are more likely to make a group of five friends, which makes it easier to accomplish.


The most ambitious strategy | Photo: Riot Games

For bad luck of the players, this brand new imposed is not validated by Riot Games, as otherwise players LOL would make games with the sole intention of breaking the record.

At first instance it seemed that it was the greatest defeat ever seen before in this game, however, when you pay a little more attention, we were able to realize that it was a strategy very bold.



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